3 comments on “2017 Week 13 Training B-Log

  1. You know I bet it was hard to find a place to run on Saturday with Flowertown and the Bridge Run. That pretty much rules out all the great places to run, honestly, except Folly Beach and the West Ashley Greenway. Glad you guys got some miles in at Folly (before it gets insanely crowded in a month or so). Glad you could run in Columbia too, change of scenery is always a fun one.

    I hope your foot issues are worked out. I got a sports massage for mine and I truly believe that did the trick. It’s still a little nagging so I have to ice/heat/NSAID cream it some but that’s tendonitis for ya…

    • Yep the weekend festivities in our area consumed most of our favorite running spots! True also that we woon’t be able to make it to Folly in the next few months! 😀 Foot has been aggravating me since the Little Rock Half. Think I am going to get it checked out just to make sure everything is good.

      • I don’t blame you. I got mine X-rayed about a week after I got hurt to make sure nothing was broken (most important thing). Doctor said it was tendonitis but I honestly feel like that’s worse than a stress fracture because you never know how long it’ll take to heal! Another thing that helped was going to Carolyn at the foot store, I got a special insert made that I’m using in my shoe now. It’s just hard to get there because it’s way out in North Mt. Pleasant… I had to take off work to go there, seriously.

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