4 comments on “Cupcake Tour of Charleston (SC)

  1. The Sugar cupcakes look great and I love that the offer multiple sizes. I always walk by Holy City Cupcakes and now I think I need to try it because of your review. Plus, it was good even when it wasn’t as fresh because you ate it later.

    We have a Wild Flour over here too and I’ve thought about going there, but if I do I won’t get a cupcake. The frosting on it is so tall, it reminds me of Marge Simpson’s hair and I don’t like cold cupcakes.

    Also, I found a new bakery for you to try. It’s called Once Upon a Treat but it’s near Hampton Park so you might have to time it with a long run!

    • Yep we had Once Upon A Treat on our list. It didn’t make it before they closed. Been driving by it and want to try it out so give me a review if you beat me there! 👍

      • I might go by on Friday since I’m off work and planning to run the bridge. Plus they have a great special this week with the cheap cupcakes. I agree it would be hard to make it in your tour because of the hours and hitting so many different bakeries.

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