4 comments on “State #24 Race Recap – Williams Route 66 Half Marathon, Tulsa, Oklahoma

  1. Amazing recap David and trust me when I say, we had an amazing weekend with you all as well!!! Your encouragement to get back to running seemed to be the push I have been needing and watching you finish that race on that extremely cold morning with the “winds whipping over the plains” was incredible!! Thanks for being willing to spend your race weekend with us and for all the memories 8 have added to my collection with you and Jennifer!!

  2. Congrats on the race, and it looks like it was a wonderful one except SUPER COLD. All my 50 stater/maniac/fanatic friends speak very highly of Route 66 so I’m glad you liked it. Also glad you got your donut- something about cold weather seems to make me want donuts and hot drinks more, too (that one with cereal on top would be my choice).

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