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Hello, and welcome to my Doombuggy Runner blog.  I am David Geddings from Charleston, SC.  I am an avid runner & Disneyphile.  I decided to name this after my favorite ride at Disney World, which is the Haunted Mansion!  This blog will be primarily focused on my running efforts, race reports, and other running related articles.  I also perform vendor product reviews related to running equipment.

I have been running since May 2010.  Growing up I played sports, but never liked running for whatever reasons I could think of.  In May 2010, all that changed.  I had recently bought a new smart phone, and found a GPS running application to which I downloaded.  I think it was RunKeeper.  I decided to go out running with the GPS app just to check out how accurate and cool it was, and I have been hooked ever since.

I am also a Disney junkie. I love all things Disney. So I love to do the RunDisney events throughout the Disney Parks. What better way to run than to do it through the Disney Parks!  To date I have done over 15 RunDisney events.

We go to Disney often, since we are only about 6 hours away.  My wife and I are members of the Disney Vacation Club, and have been since 2008. We are both Travel Advisors for Creating Magic Vacations.  We both grew up in Disney loving households, so we estimate we have been to Walt Disney World over 50 times.  In fact, our honeymoon was spent at Walt Disney World!

In 2013, I made the decision to run a half marathon in all fifty states before I turn fifty years old.  You can follow my progress on the 50 By 50 Challenge tab on the menu.

FSHMC 2013 Main LogoIn March 2014, I joined the Fifty States Half Marathon Club.

If you ever want to go running in the Charleston, SC area just send me a message.

In 2012 as a part of the Walt Disney World Marathon, I was able to run with one of my favorite running idols, Jeff Galloway.



Product Reviews:

Running product reviews are the way for fellow runners to test products for vendors to give feedback based on usage.  I do accept products for review; however, all reviews will be based on my opinion according to my running standards.  If you would like to participate in a product review, contact me at doombuggyrunner@gmail.com


Always see a doctor for medical conditions, especially a physician who wants to get you back out there on the roadway. Always get your doctor’s OK when you train strenuously. This blog is an offering of information from one runner to another.

I am not affiliated with or employed the Walt Disney Company in any capacity. This is a personal site for entertainment purposes only and does not receive money or sponsors of any kind.

All photos posted are property of Doombuggy Runner unless otherwise noted in captions.  They are not to be used without credit and a link back to the blog.

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